Emerald Cut


How awesome would it be if you had your very own diamond ring that you can add with pride to your jewelry collection? A precious piece of jewelry like a diamond ring that sits cushioned in a velvety box, that you stowed away in your wardrobe for the perfect time, is the sole wish of every lady. Every female loves the fact that she has expensive and beautiful rings, necklaces etc that she can flaunt about between her dearest ones. When you are deciding to buy for your loved one such a ring that is so flawlessly fabulous andleaves her in a shock where she can’t even speak go for the emerald cut ring. Its finely chiseled edges and the detail in it is enough to blow you away. The way the light reflects on the stone and it twinkles back to you in a different shine and sheen is such a beautiful sight…every lady wishes to see it.

emerald cut

emerald cut

So, why not? Why not buy such a stunningly striking ring and present it to her and even if you’re thinking about tying the knot an emerald cut ring would be a perfect engagement ring. There are many, many different styles and cuts of which you can choose from. People state that no matter what sort of cut or style you choose your emerald cut ring to be it will still be beautiful. You can shape the stone as a rectangle or a square. The depth of the stone starts from 3% and ends with 80% leaving for you a big range to choose from. The thickness also has a range of very thin and very thick. You can order your emerald cut ring easily while adjusting all the measurements, crown height, total depth and style in only a few minutes and in a few days you will be able to see the grand effect you have made on your diamond ring.


Emerald CutIn buying Emerald Cut diamonds the place in which you will decide to buy the diamonds will really matter for your success. First you should have some tips on how to identify genuine Emerald Cut diamonds from imitations that may be brought in the market to exploit innocent buyers. In case it is your first time for you to buy the diamonds it is advisable for you to look for someone who has ever bought the diamonds before to accompany you. This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will end up being unable to select the best .Remember in buying precious jewelry made of diamond you will be required to pay a lot of money. It can be a great inconvenience in case you decide to buy from a store where you will be sold imitations .There are some stores which will tend to offer a warranty after you buy from them. If possible you should consider those stores because they will avoid you stresses in case you end up discovering later that the jewelry that you may have been sold are not genuine. For you to know whether the store in which you are buying from offers warranties in diamonds bought from it ,you should try and enquire before buying .This is necessary because you may make an assumption only to end up realizing later that there is no warrantee offered. There are online and local stores available from where you can buy your jewelry from .Among the two groups of stores available buying from online stores has a lot of benefits which has led to many people preferring online buying of the diamonds. The following are some of the benefits of buying Emerald Cut diamonds online that you should know:

In buying Emerald Cutt diamonds online you will easily achieve in comparing prices indifferent stores for you to save on the money that you will spend

It is always advisable for you to try and spend your money wisely in case you can .In buying your jewelry you should try and look for stores that have the best prices .You can easily achieve this in carrying out extensive price comparison in different stores. In buying online you will not be stressed in trying to carry out the price comparison. Just in the comfort of your house you can easily achieve in carrying out the comparison. This is unlike a case where you will be required to travel to where stores selling jewelry are located in your place of residence. This will cost you a lot of money in travelling as well as taking a lot of time for you to achieve in carrying out the price comparison. This can easily lead you into making a decision where you will base on a few stores that you may have managed to visit. This is unlike online buying where you can compare the prices in many stores using the shortest time possible.

In buying online it is very easy for you to make your personal decision on what type of Emerald Cut diamonds for you to buy

You may have certain preferences of jewelry that you may like to buy. In such a case in buying online it will be very easy for you because you will only search for a store with the type of jewelry that you will like to buy. This is unlike buying locally where you will end up visiting a lot of stores from where you may interact with persuasive sellers who will end up persuading you into buying jewelry available in their stores even if they are not the exact ones that you will like to have. This can lead you to changing your decision abruptly which will lead you to regrets later. In online buying you can also get assistance on what type of jewelry for you to buy from people whom you trust .For instance you can approach your family members for advice where they will advise you accordingly .Remember in getting advice from family members they will offer you genuine advice because they will not be after making you buy from certain stores which they own like the case of approaching sellers for advice on what to buy.

In buying online you can easily achieve in buying from the best stores

For you to buy Emerald Cut diamonds from the best store ,you should try and carry out enough research for you to be certain that the store in which you are buying the jewelry from is the best .Unlike a case where you will be buying your jewelry from high street stores, in buying online you will easily achieve in carrying out enough research for you to tell whether the store in which you are buying the jewelry from is the best or not .For instance you can decide to read reviews about the sale of the jewelry in a given store .This will enable you make the best decision after learning about what other people are saying about the sale of jewelry from a given store .This is unlike local buying where you will end up buying blindly from a given store after you fail to meet with other people who have ever experienced the jewelry from the store before you.

In buying Emerald Cut diamonds online you will achieve in buying in bulk easily

You may wish to buy Emerald Cut diamonds in bulk so that you will resale in your retail store. In such a case it can be very hard for you to achieve in locating a reliable store from where you will be buying the jewelry in bulk for you to achieve great savings that will enable you achieve some profits after reselling the diamonds in your retail store .Instead of being stressed in trying to buy diamonds from different stores in your locality where you may never achieve in buying in bulk from a single store for you to enjoy great savings put aside for bulk buyers, you can decide to go for online buying .Remember in online buying you can contact different companies that will be able to deliver in bulk easily for you to enjoy smooth running of your business. For about Emerald Cut: http://lilidiamonds.com/our-diamonds/traditional-designs/emerald-cut-diamond/

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Cuts of DiamondsPurchasing diamonds is a critical part of buying many different types of jewelry, so consumers should have an eye for some of the different components that they feature. A major component will be cuts of diamonds, which have developed considerably over the years. Being able to spot different cuts of diamonds can take some skill, but consumers should prepare themselves to do a little background research. This will help them appraise the diamonds that they view and make savvy purchase decisions when it comes time to buy them. Consumers should be ready to compare some of the different cuts to determine which will best suit their tastes.


The majority of diamonds that are mined will come in a standard octahedra shape. This is actually how diamonds were originally in jewelry that was designed in the past. But over the years, it has become more popular to style some of these different types of diamonds. There are a few different features that people may be able to decide when they buy these different diamond cuts. Most of the octahedra diamonds that are mined will be transformed in to a fairly standard cut. This will help jewelers who may want to refine these cuts further over time. this can also be important for consumers, because they may be able to request custom cuts when they find an original octahedra design.


Over time, the round brilliant cut has become the most popular for people out there. This is because it tends to fit in with the most types of jewelry and will suit the tastes of many people out there. This cut is also relatively easy to do, meaning that most jewelers will be able to produce this type of diamond. In turn, this will also help many jewelers to decide whether they can simply price this units to sell. Consumers may be able to find out more information about the price of the brilliant round cut in their area.


But there are quite a few different designs that have emerged, which may appeal to the tastes of other people. Consumers should learn some information about the basic cut styles that will be used to create some of the more elaborate designs. Some jewelers have narrowed down the basic cuts to six different styles. These include the point cut, table cut, old single cut, mazarin cut, peruzzi cut and the old European cut. All of these can be made by most any jeweler, so they have proven to be popular options as well. Of these, the point cut and the table cut are arguably the simplest to design. This means that they will typically be priced at a more affordable level, which may be an appealing option for some people.


Within the last century, there have been some improvements made to the way that diamond saw blades tend to operate. This has created several different advantages for jewelers, including being able to produce more precision style cuts for their pieces. This means that they will be able to mass produce these diamonds on an industrial level. It also means that they have been able to refine the techniques that they use and get the ultimate results that they want to see going forward. There are now types of cuts that jewelers have designed, which haven’t existed up until now.


Many consumers will be glad to see that they can actually get computer aided designs for the diamond cut that they may want. This can give both the consumer and the designer more precision control over the types of cuts that are ultimately generated. They may be interested in how they can actually get the perfect cut designed and blueprinted on these computer diagrams. This can help consumers visualize the diamond that they may get, before the first cut on the octahedra is even made.


Buyers should also realize that these cuts of diamonds will help determine the ultimate appearance of the diamond when it is set in to the jewelry piece. This is why it is important to take advice from an experienced jeweler, because they will likely have some good insight in to how the piece will ultimately look. For instance, they may be able to let the consumer know that the step cut will actually provide a boost the diamond’s clarity and luster. However, it will tend to detract against what they term as the diamond’s fire. This will also help consumers decide how much they might be willing to pay for this type of stone.


There are some cuts that will simply not be possible on certain types of stones. Buyers should try to realize that they won’t be able to put elaborate types of cuts when they want to buy stones that are simply too small. Melee diamonds typically refer to those stones that are less than 4 mg in total weight. These melee diamonds have a limited number of cuts that they can feature, since their shape won’t sustain many facets. They will also tend to take on a milky look to the human eye when they have too many facets. This will detract from the overall look of the diamond and simply make it less valuable to people.


Some consumers will be interested in getting some specialty cuts of diamonds for different types of jewelry. People may be impressed by all of the different types of specialty cuts that they can find. The heart-shaped cut will actually transform a round diamond in to the heart symbol. These are particularly popular during some of the more romantic holidays, including Valentine’s Day. But there are a few different types of other cuts that will appeal to consumers. The princess cut, pear cut and tear drop cut are all gaining popularity as jewelers gain in ability.


Of course, most consumers will want to price and compare some of the different types of options out there for these cuts of diamonds. Some jewelers will tend to price diamonds by the total amount of different facets that they have put on to the stone. Others will tend to place a premium on the skill and precision that it took to simply produce these diamonds. But consumers should be ready to compare many of these different elements to gain a better idea of how this system can best be managed.

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meteor cut

three meteor cut diamond rings

meteor cut Diamond jewelry is one of the most popular forms of jewelry, appreciated for its style, brilliance and meaning. While the diamond jewelry is popular and common in the society, choosing the right one for a specific occasion is very challenging. You have to first confront the option of conforming to current styles and sticking to your tight budget, before considering your personal tastes. The whole process of acquiring the perfect set of an engagement ring, wedding band or bracelet can therefore be overwhelming. The following is a guide that will help derive maximum benefit from your buying experience.

Guide to buying Diamond jewelry

Make your budget

Explore the available Diamond jewelry options. Look at what is present in the market and set your standards. After exploring the options, make your budget. Base this on your income, what are your preferred jewelry, and the type and grade of diamond you desire to buy. Stick to your plan and do not allow sales person to convince you otherwise.

Understand the four C’s of diamond evaluation

These are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat

Gemological Institute of America color grading scale start from D (colorless) representing the best grade all the way to Z( a light yellow. Noticing such variations may be very difficult, unless you are comparing stones side by side. A colorless diamond is transparent hence allows more light to pass through, thereby radiating more sparkle. Each grade approaching Z is progressively more tainted, translating to profound effect on cost due to rarity of colors. The color of diamond influences its color. However, you do not have to buy D-F diamond to get beautiful diamond jewelry. Grades G-J are still of high quality and also radiate sparkle and fire. Other color grades may be suitable as well depending on your budget, color and design.


Internal features of meteor cut diamond, called inclusions and surface irregularities-blemishes are collectively clarity characteristics. Clarity refers to the relative absence of these characteristics. It influences on value, in that diamond with few clarity characteristics or none at all are more valuable than those with more. They are also rarer than those with many flaws. For this reason they command higher prices

meteor cut

meteor cut of diamond describes its shape and make. It refers to how well polished and proportioned a meteor cut diamond is by the Jeweler, considering symmetry and style of cutting. The ability of diamond to handle light is greatly determined by its angles and finish. A good meteor cut will reflect much of the light out of meteor cut diamond making it appear brilliant, while its opposite makes it to lose its shine, regardless of whether the diamond clarity and color are good or bad. Take your time to look at the meteor cut of you meteor cut diamond jewelry as this will determine its brilliance and sparkle. Similarly, the cut will influence the price of diamond.

Carat (weight)

The weight of meteor cut diamond greatly affect its value- the heavier the diamond, the greater the value. Diamonds are measured in carats; one carat is equivalent to 200mg.This further determines its size as well as overall appearance diamond jewelry.

Decide on ring settings

Settings include such things as the accent stones, band and prongs. They come in a variety of metals and make. Most diamond jewelry is set in gold or platinum. Settings sometimes also feature smaller gemstones as accent stones.

Design your jewelry

Most modern jewelry stores display the setting without the diamond. This is because at such stores you select the setting as well as the diamond. First familiarize yourself with how tools used for this purpose work by performing some experiments and asking questions. The choice of which one, between the setting and center meteor cut diamond, to select first depends on which one you want to focus more on.

Important tips to keep in mind

· When you are working on a lean budget and you wish to emphasize on carat weight, choose a slightly lower graded diamond; in terms of color and clarity

· Similarly, by opting for diamond jewelry lower in color and clarity grading, you will be able to get your ideal meteor cut-the property that gives your jewelry sparkle and brilliance.

· The jewelry design and diamond settings can be used to improve the diamond , by making it appear brighter and larger.

· Insist that your diamond jewelry is accompanied by certification, complete with unique certificate number. The same documents the 4’s.

Additional features influencing the quality of diamond jewelry

Depth and percentage of diamond

Diamond depth is the extent from culet to table. Depth percentage is calculated by dividing the depth of the stone by two times its radius at the widest point of diamond. It affects how diamond appears in that if the depth percentage is low, light will not reflect off it effectively, hence it will have less shine. The ideal value lies between 58 percent and 60 percent.

Diamond symmetry

This affects its brilliance and value. It is rated by considering the shape and number of its facets. When buying a diamond make, sure its level ranges from good to excellent. Make sure that you can verify these levels on the GIA certificate since it is very hard to determine with a naked.

Diamond’s table percentage

Diamond’s table refers to the flat facet above the stone. Thus, table percentage of meteor cut diamond is the ratio of the table breadth to the overall diameter of the diamond. It significantly affect the fire and brilliance of diamond.


The polish of diamond greatly affect its appearance, since it determines how light passes through it, directly influencing its shine. Before buying your jewelry, make sure that it is polished properly. Polish has a great impact on diamond’s brilliance.


Diamond jewelry is available in a number of forms, and the nature of occasion will determine the most appropriate form. Another important factor to consider is the when and how the jewelry will be worn so as to make sure that the piece acquired can be put on in the right way in which it was designed. Besides, meteor cut diamond jewelry can be found in almost all the styles, so look for the style that suits you.

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educating about styleStyle generally refers to a particular design, format or appearance; it dictates the current and past fashion trends. In the clothing fraternity, what one wears usually determines the kind of style or fashion that he or she represents at any given time. Over the years, people have used different styles to convey varying feelings, perceptions, trend’s and makes powerful social statements. Styles have consistently been changing, are constantly elusive and quite seductive to say the least.

To ensure that you are adorning the right style that suits you, it is important that you consider the following factors when choosing any particular style. These include but are not limited to the following;

Knowing your personality

Each and every one of us has a specific personality which we may or may not be aware of. It is important to know your personality and then go ahead to choose a style that enhances it accordingly. Always keep in mind that personality and style usually go hand in hand; if you are more inclined to designer labels then make a point of going for such. If you are more into the flashy and outgoing style; go for those glittering clothes and stiletto heels to match, just make sure that you are pretty comfortable with whatever it is you have chosen; as style is not all about the latest trends, it has a lot to do with the level of comfort that particular style affords you.

Know Your Body Type

After getting your personality right, the next thing you may need educating about style is your body type. Getting the right style of clothes or shoes for your body type is of paramount importance; if you have a wide figure it is always recommended that you keep off clothes that are either too short or too tight. Stylish attire, pair of shoes or any other accessory will consider the fit. If you have short legs , avoid wearing shoes with straps as they tend to shorten the legs; if you have a long neck, then wearing high collars and short necklaces will tend to shorten you neck. If at all you are choosing a pair of pants, make sure they fit well as they tend to show off slight defects much more than skirts. If you want to offer distractions from your upper body; choosing tight tops with breast pockets and short sleeves will do just fine. All in all, one needs to fully understand his or her body type and choose a style that compliments the same.

Hide your faults and flaunt the best parts of your body

As a general rule, it is almost impossible to get someone with a perfect body shape or figure. We all have our strong points and weak areas. It is worth noting though that depending on the culture where one is coming from, what another person considers a weak point in one culture may be taken up as a strong area a different culture. If one has a relatively large waist, it is usually recommended that one avoids wearing a belt as much as possible; if you want to look a tad thinner it is advisable to wear bottoms and tops of the same color but different shades to avoid the monotony of a single color. When you are accessorizing it is also important to consider the number and types of accessories that you are wearing; many accessories give the illusion of being bigger whereas smaller sized accessories tend to offer a more petit illusion. It is important to choose carefully when planning to accessorize your attire of choice irrespective of the style.

Get your color right

A poor choice of colors will dampen the best style whereas a good choice of colors can greatly enhance even a poorly styled item or product. People are usually fascinated by different hues which tend to reflect some rather distinct emotions and feelings in them. If you are choosing a particular style, make sure its color fits the occasion you have in mind; a very special occasion will demand pastel or bright colors. If you want to look small in your clothes, choose cool, dull and dark colors. If you desire to look bigger then go for bright, light and warm colors to give this illusion. If you want to appear short, wear contrasting colors to appear taller, wear monochromatic colors. Some color combinations will make your complexion look smooth and healthy; there is something for everyone.

Get the best workmanship and quality

Style without good quality and workmanship is nothing. It is important to make sure that the quality of product chosen and the workmanship exhibited is of a high standard. This is one of the main reasons why people go for designer labels and names even if the style may not be so attractive. If it is a dress, pant or suit; make sure it does not have runs, be meticulous when going through the hooks, eyes and buttons. Make sure the button holes are evenly spaced, have the correct length are smooth and also firm. Such details will ensure that whatever you choose will be durable and quite attractive, it also shows that a lot of effort was put by the manufacturer and his crew in producing the item; don’t just go for style alone, get something which will last and serve you for a much longer period of time.

Choose a style that fits the season

Depending on the season in question, the style chosen may differ from one season to the other. During the winter season, most styles will incorporate heavy fabrics to keep you warm and the young ones cuddled up. During the summer, most clothes tend to be loose fitting and more colorful because of the happy, holidaying mentality that many people tend to associate with the season. It is important to choose appropriately during such seasons so as to avoid embarrassment or discomfort. If you are attending a particular occasion, make a point of adopting a style that befits the occasion. A wedding occasion demands for a more formal style while club meeting or a dance party may demand for a more casual or less formal style. If you have been invited for an occasion and you are not so sure about the dress code, make a point of asking before hand, most people will more than willing to assist you in this regard. The internet is also awash with sites that offer some education about style to visitors and clients at virtually no cost. Visit such sites and get informed accordingly.

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Fashion schoolsIn case you are interested in becoming a designer in your life looking for good style and fashion schools for you to enroll in will be the best idea for you to embrace. There are some schools where you can learn online .In case you are too busy in your daily routine looking for those schools for you to enroll in will be the best option for you .This is simply because in learning online you will save a lot of time and money that you will spend in learning .The saving on your time will come in where you will be able to learn from the comfort of your home .This is unlike a case where you will be travelling each morning to where the schools are lactated in case you decide on a school where you will be commuting .Remember you may decide to enroll in any style and fashion schools at any age, for instance you may be married .By the fact that you will be able to study while in your home, enrolling in schools that operate online will easily allow you attend to your family while at the same time learning for you to fulfill your dreams academically .Before you decide to enroll in any school either the one that will be operating online or in your locality for you to achieve the best there are some factors that you need to consider. The following are some of the tips that you need to employ for you to achieve in selecting the best style and fashion schools for you to enroll in so that you will be able to achieve the best:

Consider the amount of school fees that you will be required to pay in a given school

For you to be able to get services from any style and fashion schools you need to pay for the services. Different schools available will tend to have different fees that you will be required to pay .If possible you should try and select a school which you will comfortably afford the fees .This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you may end up being stranded on the way after enrolling in a given school. Remember in case you enroll in a given school and you end up not completing the studies due to lack of fees you will be really inconvenienced because you will not be given a certificate to enable you carry out different duties that you may have learned in the fashion school .If possible you should enquire on the amount of fees that you will be required to pay then you look for sources of money before you enroll in order for you to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Certification of the school that you are about to enroll in

For you to be recognized as a qualified expert after studying in a given school some states will require you to possess a certificate from a registered school .It can be possible that you are studying in the school for you to be employed in a company that deals with fashions. In such a case in case you make an effort and study in a school that is certified you will be privileged because many institutions that will be employing experts who have learned in fashion will tend to consider the certification of the school before they can decide to employ you .Sometimes you may find some difficulties in knowing whether the school is certified or not. In such a case you should do some research prior to enrolling in the school.

Reputation of the school in offering quality education

Before you decide to enroll in a given school there are some people you may know who have ever studied in the given school. For you to avoid cases where you will end up making a decision that you will regret later it is advisable for you to try and get some information from the people about the school in which you are interested in .In case the people tend to praise the school then you can consider enrolling in the school .This is necessary because there are some schools in which you can enroll in and they end up exposing you to a lot of stresses where they will end up offering you substandard education .It can be possible that you are interested in learning in style and fashion schools that operate online .In such a case it can be hard for you to meet with other people who have ever studied in a given school in which you are interested in. You can rely on reviews online for you to know about the reputation of the school .In reading reviews online about a school in which you will like to enroll in you will be privileged because you will spend the least time for you to gather a lot of information that can help you in making the best decision on the best school for you to enroll in.

Experience of the trainers in style and fashion schools in which you will like to enroll in

Different trainers will have different experiences in training. For you to achieve the best in your struggle to be the best professional in the field of fashion and design you should look for a school where trainers have a lot of experience where they will equip you with necessary skills that will enable you achieve the best .If possible you should try and do some research on the success of the people who have ever graduated from the school. The best school that you should enroll in should have produced competent people in your society.

Availability of training equipment in the school in which you are about to enroll in

The best school in which you should enroll in should have enough equipment that will allow the trainers expose you to necessary experiments that will enable you develop enough skills .Some of the people whom you can get information about availability of equipment in the school accurately from is other students who are already enrolled in the school or from reviews offered online about the school.

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